Questions and Answers

What is Cashierum?

Cashierum is a crypto lock assets platform where user lock the deposit asset for a periods of time and gets in return a percent of the assets locked

What Crypto can I Lock?

You can lock only PWCP

What is PWCP?

Play Win Collect Protocol (PWCP) is the cryptocurrency of Cashierum and serves as the native asset for the platform

What is the total supply of PWCP?

The total supply is 39.100.000

What asset I can deposit?

You can deposit only Ethereum note: deposit will automatically swap intro PWCP token

What is the minimum Deposit?

The minimum is 10 USD [ ETH ]

What is the minimum Withdraw?

The minimum is 10 USD / ETH or PWCP

What is the Withdraw fees?

No withdraw fee

How the platform operates?

Simple, users deposit ETH, all the ETH assets will swap automatically to PWCP and locked via platform for 7 days. After 7 days the assets will unlock automatically and you ( the user ) will receive PWCP dividends

What I get after 7 days?

You will get a percent of PWCP tokens

What can I do with PWCP?

You can withdraw it or hold it

What is Swap?

The exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, without the need to trust a third-party

Why should I hold PWCP?

You can hold it for our Lottery that take place every Monday

Is this a HYIP/Ponzi Program?

No, we arbitrage the locked assets for a period of 7 days


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